What People Are Saying!


“Dream come true!!! Kaley was absolutely amazing. I hired Kaley, as she came highly recommended, for day of coordination along with full venue set up and break down for my wedding - which I can honestly say was the best money I have ever spent. She is both personal and professional, not to mention a kind, caring, and genuine individual, which is a wonderful combination when it comes to dealing with an emotional clueless bride like myself lol Right from the start I could tell that she loved her job and really cared about her clients and their wedding wishes. On the days leading up to my wedding and the day of my wedding I was able to relax and not stress as I had full confidence that Kaley had everything completely under control, which she did. And boy did she deliver, my wedding and reception were PERFECT, everything I had dreamed of and more. I am so thankful that I was lucky enough to find such an amazing wedding planner and would highly recommend her as SHE IS THE BEST!!”



“I have been apart of multiple weddings prior to planning my own wedding this past May. In my observation and my friend’s comments, I had yet to see a wedding coordinator that actually followed through with their job duties. The day I met Kayley we were discussing a general timeline of what I wanted for the day-of events. I jumped into planner mode! I quickly turned my notebook horizontal and began drawing out a timeline for a rough draft. Before I could even finish drawing two lines on my paper, Kayley said, “You know that you don’t have to worry about doing that right? That’s my job”. I couldn’t help but laugh! I had met my match! Only she’s better because she is the expert. She gave me tips and suggestions without being pushy to provide a smooth day-of experience. For every suggestion I decided to go with, I have no regerets and actually felt relief for going through with the decisions. Also, professionalism is a huge component that I value. Kayley was nothing short of professional and was genuinely excited for my fiancé and I’s marriage. She has set the bar high! I have absolutely nothing negative to report :)”


“First and foremost my wedding would have been NOTHING without Kaley. Planning my wedding was not an easy task... not necessarily because it was difficult but I had a few major life things happens in the midst of planning our big day. Kaley spent late evenings on the phone with me, put up with my extremes and laser focus on things that were not as important as i made them to be, she dealt with my indecisiveness, blow ups, and angry outbursts (let’s face it, we all have them), she never judged me, kept me calm, pushed me along, and told me EXACTLY how it is, she kept me in line when needed and pushed me when I wouldn’t budge, she was right there every time I got devastating news, we laughed together, cried together, she told me everything would be okay even if she didn’t know herself, she answered every text, every call, and every ridiculous snapchat, she went out of her way to know and understand me and my vision (because I wasn’t always very clear). I trust, respect, and admire her greatly. When tough times hit her life, we prayed together. She never let life get her down. She brought relief when there was pressure, went to any length to make sure my day was as close to perfect as possible, and danced the night away with me. Not only has she been the most amazing wedding planner but a lifelong friend as well. A lot of brides feel that they don’t need a wedding planner for the months leading up to their wedding and just need someone to coordinate the actually wedding day... I would say to this bride, please reconsider. Leave the planning and coordination up to the expert. It is worth every penny. You only have this day once and once it’s gone that’s it. Kaley handled everything and took SOOOOO much pressure off my shoulders because planning a wedding is stressful enough. I can’t speak highly enough of Kaley and I promise that she will deliver above and beyond what you expect.”

— Kady